Now you can get TypeGenie for Zendesk Chat

Today’s a big day. 

Today we launch TypeGenie for Zendesk Chat. That means agents in customer support can now benefit from TypeGenie’s sentence predictions when answering live-chats. Woohoo! 

This is how it works:

In the GIF you see how all the agent has to write is “Y” and “I” to complete their last two sentences. This is because TypeGenie has learnt from previous chats what the most relevant next words are. 

All the agent has to do is hit “Tab”! To agents TypeGenie feels magical. 

Here’s why it’s a game changer for all organisations doing live chat customer service:

Live chat is one of the fastest growing channels in customer support. It’s well known that younger people prefer chatting rather than being on the phone or sending an email. But this trend was amplified by the pandemic as more and more companies brought on live-chat to deal with customers’ uncertainty right away. 

Live chat can be great for both the business and the customer. Typically the conversation is more personal and informal, which makes the customer comfortable and creates a closer relationship. Also, problems can be solved quickly without the customer having to wait hours for an email response. 


However, answering chats quickly and precisely in an always friendly tone can be a challenging and stressful job for the agents. When observing a chat team you hear new chat notifications go off everywhere and all the time. Ping! Beep! Bzz! Somewhat similar to being in a Japanese pachinko hall. Potentially the most stressful place on earth.

This could be the highlights of a job description of a customer service agent doing live chat:

  • Chat with 3-6 customers at the same time
  • Accept all new chats asap. Typically within 20 seconds
  • Answer similar questions for 8 hours
  • No matter how difficult the customer, always keep your cool and use friendly and clear language that’s consistent with the brand

In short, being a chat agent is tough!

This is where TypeGenie comes in: It lowers the burden on agents by helping them solve chats faster and improving the quality of their messaging.

We have tested the new chat integration with existing customers. And they already love it. 

The benefits are clear:


Try it for yourself

If you are looking to scale your live chat while lowering the strain on your agents, you can try out TypeGenie for 2 weeks.

Simply go through the 2 minute installation to get the AI training started. 2-5 days later it will be ready automatically in your Zendesk Chat. 

Do as other forward looking businesses and sign up here to feel the magic for yourself.

Would you like to improve your customer service ?

This blog was brought to you by TypeGenie. TypeGenie is an auto-complete product for customer service agents. If you are looking to improve your customer service speed and quality, learn more about TypeGenie:

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