Your data is secure

We are trusted to store and process data for companies across industries with high data security requirements, including newspapers, telcos, retailers, and government institutions.

Handling our customers data securely is at the core of our business. It’s a responsibility we take extremely seriously.

Therefore we follow the industry’s best practices and regularly review our security policies and procedures to ensure continued compliance. For specific information on our data protection practices, or if you wish to request an NDA, please reach out to If you wish to learn more about our security practices, please continue reading below.

We use world-class data centers

TypeGenie’s physical infrastructure is hosted and managed within Amazon's secure data centers and leverages their suite of technologies to safely store your data. The data is physically stored on servers in secure locations in the United States or within EU, depending on the location of the individual customer.

AWS data center operations are renowned as the most secure in the industry and have been accredited under relevant ISO and SOC certifications. Read more about the AWS accreditation and infrastructure, here.

We only use your data for the purpose of serving you and your customers

TypeGenie uses your conversation data to provide your agents with accurate response suggestions. We do not use your data for other purposes than those set out in the client agreement. We also use algorithms built inhouse to anonymise certain PII before TypeGenie’s models are trained on the datasets.

Additionally, True AI’s data retention policy specifies and ensures that personal and tenant data is not kept for longer than is necessary, meaning that data is removed securely upon ending of client relations, upon client requests, or if True AI deems the data is no longer relevant for serving the purpose. Furthermore, customer data is only ever accessed by security trained and vetted employees on a need to know basis

We are GDPR compliant

Policies and procedures reflect GDPR standards and are reviewed at least every 6 months as part of the security management process to ensure continued compliance.

Authentication of data sharing is handled by Zendesk’s infrastructure

Clients authenticate data sharing using Zendesk’s single sign on (SSO). Zendesk is ISO 27001 certified.

Data transmission between Zendesk and True AI follows best practice

All communication between TypeGenie servers and the client browser is secured using the industry standard protocols including TLS v1.2 and SSH.

Our infrastructure is regularly tested for vulnerabilities

TypeGenie conducts penetration tests and vulnerability scans on a quarterly basis and at least annually involving a third party to validate and confirm that technical vulnerabilities are removed or minimized. For further details or specific information on our security practices, please reach out to