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Improve productivity and customer satisfaction with the world's most advanced auto-complete customer service tool.

Improve productivity and quality
with sentence completions

Cut the repetition

Over 95% of customer service responses include repetitive elements. Intelligent sentence completions predict the repetition. So you can spend less time on repetitive typing and more providing excellent service.

Reduce average handling time

With less time spent on writing, customer queries get responses faster. This gives more time both to your customers. And to your service team.

Keep every sentence on consistent brand tone

A uniform tone of voice is crucial for a brand. TypeGenie's recommended wordings encourage a consistent style across the support team.

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Feel the magic of
deep learning technology

Auto-complete your sentences

Auto-completes appear as you type. Simply hit Tab to use them.

Completions are highly relevant and personalised, because they are based on your past tickets.

Relax, it teaches itself

Completions are created using cutting-edge artificial intelligence (called deep learning) with a self-learning capability.

The more your team uses TypeGenie, the better the suggestions get.

Use completions across languages

TypeGenie completions work in any language, because the technology learns your personal writing style.

We are currently live in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, and many others.

completed characters

daily completions

saved hours

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More consistent tone

"TypeGenie effortlessly integrates with our CRM. Standardized snippets with the tap of a button enable faster communication and more consistency in tone and content.

- Colin Crowley - VP of customer experience

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Up to 15% more productive

We see a very clear relationship in the usage of TypeGenie and our agents’ productivity, with each being 5-15% more productive.

- Bram Greijmans – Business Operations Specialist

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