How TheSocialMedwork Improved the AHT and Quality of their Patient Support Using TypeGenie

The Challenge

TheSocialMedwork is an international pharmacy focused on providing medicines to patients in countries where they are not yet approved, reducing the time a patient has to wait to start treatment. The team works closely with patients from around the world and, in order to give access to much needed medicine, manages relationships with physicians, works with strict import regulations and arranges complex logistics processes. 

The organisation is growing rapidly, and their Patient Support team is assisting an increasing number of patients who are placing requests for medicines (and thus, creating tickets), placing ever more time pressure on the team. Macros are certainly useful, but not enough after a certain point.

They started searching for solutions that would make the team’s workload easier to manage, learned about sentence prediction and soon landed on TypeGenie.

The Solution

TheSocialMedwork now has the support of TypeGenie with AI-powered customised sentence completions. The agents type out a response and receive suggestions based on all agents’ (their own and others) historical conversations within Zendesk. This excludes what patients have typed themselves, information shared by patients is not considered by the TypeGenie AI, so there are no concerns about private data being shared.  

The Patient Support team found it very easy to install the TypeGenie Chrome Extension because it only takes 2 steps and then they can simply continue working on their tickets. Very little time was needed to get used to the sentence prediction, since it’s built into the Zendesk response field and there are only 2 easy actions to take (Tab to accept the suggestion, Esc to delete it or simply continuing typing).

The Results

TypeGenie was valuable to us not only by enabling faster responses to patients, but it helped the team focus more easily on how to best help the patients without worrying as much about how to phrase their sentences.
-Akshi Sudan, Patient Support Team Lead 

The first and most obvious benefit of using TypeGenie was that the Patient Support team responded faster to patients. It made them more efficient in the same amount of time while decreasing the effort they put into repetitive tickets and giving them more time to phrase responses unique to the patient’s situation.

In the first week, TheSocialMedwork team completed 40,000 characters using TypeGenie, which works out to about 8,500-10,000 words that the agents didn't have to write themselves.

The agents reported that they receive text suggestions from what other agents have typed, diversifying the way they respond and helping maintain the same tone of voice for brand consistency. The team’s CSAT scores have remained consistently high and their satisfaction has increased since TypeGenie has reduced repetitive work. As Simona Marginean, Patient Support Agent at TheSocialMedwork, reported: “TypeGenie gives great suggestions that I usually accept and it’s very fast in doing so.

It is common for teams to work with a large stack of tools and it's important that integrating another into the workflow is not disruptive. TypeGenie has been designed to seamlessly integrate into Zendesk Support and this goal was achieved with TheSocialMedwork's team who reported that it was easy to install TypeGenie and intuitive to get started.

All in all, TheSocialMedwork team says that their team is happy to use TypeGenie in their day to day operations to reduce their time to complete tickets, improve the quality of unique responses and alleviate the monotony of repetitive customer service tickets.

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