Zendesk Apps That Every Customer Service Agent Should Have

Working in customer service is great and for the business, it’s an incredibly important role because it helps to understand the needs and wants of their users. However, working in customer service is also challenging. Providing great service depends in part on the agent’s attitude and mental surplus which can be difficult to maintain during the day when customers are demanding and the work is repetitive.

The rise of a variety of third-party Zendesk features and applications from project management to customer support has enabled businesses to now optimize for virtually all mundane and unenjoyable work. To help sift through the myriad of apps on Zendesk, we’ve handpicked some of the best apps we think any organization could benefit from tremendously.

So without further ado:

1. Time Tracking

If you want logistics and data on how your customer service team is utilizing their time then Time Tracking is the app for you. Automatically track the time an agent spends on Zendesk tickets and create seamless dashboards with valuable data of your team efficiency. You’ll know exactly where and how your team spends their time. Most importantly the app is easy to install as it does not require any type of third party setup.


2. iFrame

If your team or agent has ever had trouble with navigating to different pages while on a ticket, iFrame is the solution for you. It enables you to navigate to any website that you want to and then come back to your ticket without causing any interruption in the work that is being done. For example, agents typically navigate to external websites to check user billing, account info etc. With this extension, they could context-switch less as their database view can be right within Zendesk.


3. TypeGenie

Have you ever thought “Gosh, I am writing the same things again and again, there must be a smarter way”? Well there is.

TypeGenie takes out the annoyance of writing repetitive sentences and finding the same macros over and over again in your Zendesk tickets so you can focus on providing your customer with the experience they deserve, faster and better. The Zendesk plugin has two main features:

Automatic sentence completions (seen below). TypeGenie will offer the agent the most accurate response to a customer based on the agents writing style and context of the conversation. Recommended macros, where you can store, find and use your Zendesk macros easily.


4. Cancel Ticket Submit

Mistakes are inevitable and as an agent, a single error in your Zendesk ticket can cost your organization a lot. There now is a Zendesk Feature called Cancel Ticket Submit which lets agents cancel a submission they made by mistake within a given timeframe. It will also allow the agent to double-check their comment before sending it.


5. Trello

To minimize the time wasted switching from tab to tab, the Trello plugin for Zendesk now enables agents to seamlessly change from their Trello project management dashboard back to the Zendesk ticket. You can create lists, boards and cards on this platform and can also organize your work on them. Your agents will be able to prioritize personal and work life in a structured and efficient manner without needing to constantly change windows.


6. Linked Ticket

Oftentimes agents need to have more than two conversations surrounding a similar topic. For example, a customer reaching out about a specific issue where the agent needs to loop in other third parties. With Linked Ticket, you can create a child ticket of the ticket the customer created where that third party can be looped in. This way the third party will not have access to your customer’s information but both tickets are linked in the agent’s view.


Try these apps today to improve your Zendesk experience and productivity. If you have any further improvements or suggestions regarding the overall Zendesk marketplace or the apps mentioned above; feel free to contact us at hi@typegenie.net.

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